Blazing fast password recovery with new ATI cards

ElcomSoft accelerates the recovery of Wi-Fi passwords and password-protected iPhone and iPod backups by using ATI video cards. The support of ATI Radeon 5000 series video accelerators allows ElcomSoft to perform password recovery up to 20 times faster compared to Intel top of the line quad-core CPUs, and up to two times faster compared to enterprise-level NVIDIA Tesla solutions.

ATI Radeon 5000

ATI Radeon 5000

The support of massively parallel computing available in the newest ATI video accelerators such as ATI Radeon HD5970 allows ElcomSoft to achieve password recovery speeds exceeding of high-end CPUs and competing NVIDIA boards, including NVIDIA Tesla systems.

Benchmarks performed by ElcomSoft demonstrate that ATI Radeon HD5970 accelerated password recovery works up to 20 times faster than Core i7-960, Intel’s current top of the line CPU unit. The password recovery speed of the new sub-thousand dollar video card from ATI exceeds the performance of enterprise-grade NVIDIA Tesla solutions priced at $10,000. When password recovery is concerned, ATI Radeon HD5970 provides twice the performance of NVIDIA Tesla for a fraction of the price.

WP-PSK Password Audit

WP-PSK Password Audit

ElcomSoft is looking forward to testing its software on the upcoming NVIDIA Tesla (S2050/S2070), which will be available in Q2/Q3’2010, as well as NVIDIA’s Next Generation CUDA architecture code named Fermi, which is claimed to surpass anything announced by NVIDIA’s leading GPU competitor (AMD).

Elcomsoft iPhone Password Breaker is the first commercially available GPU-accelerated tool to unlock encrypted iPhone and iPod Touch backups. The new release makes use of the massively parallel computing available with the latest ATI and NVIDIA boards, including NVIDIA’s high end Tesla solutions. ATI-accelerated Elcomsoft iPhone Password Breaker grants forensic access to information stored in Apple devices by recovering password-protected backups to iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS, iPod Touch 1st through 3rd Gen up to 20 times faster than tools using top of the line Intel CPU units such as Core i7-960.

Password Recovery

Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor is the first commercially available ATI-accelerated solution to allow system administrators audit wireless network security. The tool attempts to recover the original WPA/WPA2 PSK password protecting Wi-Fi communications. GPU-accelerated dictionary attacks with a wide range of permutations allow simulating full-scale attacks on wireless infrastructure. By employing massively parallel computing available in the latest ATI video cards, ElcomSoft has increased the power of the attack twentyfold compared to top of the line, quad-core Intel CPU, the Core i7-960, and doubled the recovery speed compared to significantly more expensive NVIDIA Tesla based solutions.


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