How To Install and Configure ddclient in FreeBSD and Linux to work with OpenDNS

ddclient is an open-source dynamic IP update client written in Perl. ddclient is available here.

This article shows how to install and configure ddclient in FreeBSD and Linux so it will update your OpenDNS account with your dynamic IP from your ISP.

1. Installation

For CentOS / Fedora, install ddclient via yum:

yum install ddclient

For Debian and Ubuntu, install ddclient via apt-get:

apt-get install ddclient

For FreeBSD, install ddclient from the FreeBSD ports collection:

cd /usr/ports/dns/ddclient
make install clean

2. Configuration

After installing ddclient, you have to create / edit ddclient.conf ( for FreeBSD the configuration should be located in /usr/local/etc, for CentOS should be located in /etc/ddclient and for Debian or Ubuntu in /etc ) as follows:

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