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How To Reset Keyring Password in Ubuntu

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GNOME Keyring is a daemon application designed to take care of the user's security credentials, such as user names and passwords. The sensitive data is encrypted and stored in a keyring file in the users home folder. The default keyring uses the login password for encryption, so users don't need to remember yet another password.
In order to reset the password for Keyring, you will have to delete the keyring files and then start from scratch entering all your password
# rm ~/.gnome2/keyrings/*.keyring
You should be greeted by this prompt when you try to enter the password for the first time:



Now you have to input your new keyring password. After this prompt there will be a check box to make the application automatically log into your Keyring.

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  1. You saved my life man 🙂

  2. Took me a few anxious seconds for it to work but it finally did. THX

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