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How To Set Up OpenSSH Public Key Authentication

Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices. Used primarily on GNU/Linux and Unix based systems to access shell accounts, SSH was designed as a replacement for Telnet and other insecure remote shells.

Before we start, make sure your computer has a SSH client installed and the remote Linux system has SSH installed and sshd running.

1. Generating RSA key

You will need to generate the local RSA key by running the following command:

# ssh-keygen -t rsa

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How To Access SAMBA shares through SSH in Linux

You can access Samba shares by using SSH tunneling. We need a host computer (x.y.z.w) and a destination computer (, is located in the x.y.z.w network), we'll use adi as username and pass as password.

First we'll create a new mount directory:

# mkdir -p /mnt/share

Now we connect to it:

# ssh -N -L 139: adi@x.y.z.w

Now we have to run the following commands:

# umount /mnt/share

# mount -t smbfs -o username=adi,workgroup=WORKGROUP,password=pass,port=139,dmask=770,fmask=660,netbiosname=computer1 //localhost/share /mnt/share

x.y.z.w=computer's IP address computer
adi=samba username
WORKGROUP=your workgroup
pass=password for the share

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How To change Ethernet network card speed and duplex settings in Linux

This tutorial will explain how to change network card speed and duplex settings in linux. It's working with any linux distributions like Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.

ethtool is an Linux/Unix command allowing to modify the NIC parameters. ethtool can be used to query and change settings such as speed, negotiation and checksum offload on many network devices, especially Ethernet devices.

1. Install ethtool

Install ethtool in Fedora and CentOS:

# yum install ethtool

Install ethtool in Debian:

# apt-get install ethtool

Install ethtool in Ubuntu:

# sudo apt-get install ethtool

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